grade 2

Grade 2 adding design and transitions to their PowerPoints.

grade 3

Grades 3, 4, and 5 worked the last two rotations on Hour of Code.

Early Release and Track Out
December 18
1:15 p.m.

HIGHCROFT DRIVE ELEMENTARY is an outstanding school,which opened in August 2004. It is a school full of motivated students, dedicated teachers and staff, and hard-working parent volunteers. Our students selected the Husky as the mascot and burgundy and gold as the colors.   The traits of cooperation, perseverance and team work, common to the Husky, contribute to the development of the strong sense of community present at Highcroft.

 Our Mission Statement:

Highcroft Drive Elementary will inspire and teach all students in order to achieve at their maximum potential while becoming accomplished readers, writers, and problem solvers who demonstrate independent thinking, creativity, and strong positive character traits.

Our Vision Statement:

HDE is a partnership of students, staff, parents, and sponsors working collaboratively toward a trusting environment, which cultivates a love of learning and a shared sense of success. A highly effective staff is dedicated to providing differentiated instruction to ensure high academic achievement in the 21st century for all students. As a Highcroft Husky, students are celebrated for the unique gifts he/she bring to the school community and challenged to reach his/her full potential.